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Брой мнения : 20
Registration date : 20.02.2009

ПисанеЗаглавие: Хидан   Съб Фев 21, 2009 10:15 am

Години: не се знае

Known Jutsu:
Name of Jutsu: Giten no Jashin

Description of Jutsu: This is a ritual performed by Hidan; utilizing his immortality. The ritual has two major prerequisites:
1) The blood of target must be in Hidan’s body.
2) Hidan must make a pattern below him which forms a circle, and be inside of it for things to work.
Once these are met, upon activation of the ritual, Hidan’s body darkens with white highlights. The victim of this ritual is still capable of moving and performing regularly; however, anything that happens to Hidan’s body happens to the person trapped in the ritual as well. This means if Hidan were to be in the circle whilst the ritual was in affect and he stabbed himself in the chest, the trapped person would feel similar effects, receiving the cut as well. The only way to remove this curse is to either die or move Hidan out of his circle.

Name of Jutsu: Katon: Hiha
[Fire Release: Fire Edge]

Description of Jutsu: The user coats their blade in fire. An extra burst of chakra can cause the flames to extend outward.

RP Sample of Jutsu being used: Hidan swung his scythe down, missing by mere inches. Hidan began to perform kata, resting his weapon upon his shoulder. Upon grabbing the scythe once more, a blade of fire extended beyond each of Hidan’s scythe’s blades, poking a few inches out.

Name of Jutsu: Doton: Tensoku no Jutsu
[Earth Release: Foot Binding Technique]

Description of Jutsu: This jutsu causes the ground beneath the target to wrap around their feet, up to the shins. This leaves the target unable to move.

RP Sample of Jutsu being used: Hidan performed a string of kata, watching as the ground below his foe reached up and bound them. Now allowed a clean shot, Hidan was already making preparations for a rather enjoyable ritual.

Name of Jutsu: Doton: Kakubyou no Daichi
[Earth Release: Push-pins of Earth]

Description of Jutsu: This technique causes a targeted area of the ground to turn into a small field with rocks sticking up as though they were nails poking upwards. The points are very sharp, and wouldn’t cause much damage than cause a small cut to anyone who stepped on it. The field of relatively small size can be produced in a heartbeat after the jutsu is initiated, making the chance of hitting rather high.

RP Sample of Jutsu being used: Hidan formed a string of kata, eying his flat-footed opponent as several sharp needle-like points of earth jutted upwards, going about an inch into the opponent’s foot. The opponent quickly reacted, but Hidan continued to watch the earth, now covered with slight blood. He had a new way to win.
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Registration date : 20.02.2009

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Хидан   Съб Фев 21, 2009 10:25 am

Одобрен си,бъди редовен и се забавлявай Wink


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