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Нинджа Академия
Нинджа Академия

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Registration date : 26.02.2009

ПисанеЗаглавие: Deidara-Sama   Чет Фев 26, 2009 11:17 am

Name: Deidara
Ring: (Sei, blue/green)
Position: Right index finger
Partner: Sasori
Affiliation: Akatsuki, Nukenin (Missing-nin) from Iwagakure
Signature Ability: Kibaku Nendo (Exploding Clay), Hand-mouths

A Missing-nin from Iwagakure, he is a part of the Akatsuki duo that comes to Sunagakure (Hidden Sand) to kidnap Gaara. A fancy and skillful fighter, with special mouths in the palm of each hand, he is able to manipulate clay into either a flight-capable clay bird that can support him, as well as a huge bomb that is capable to leveling a hidden village. He does this without any exploding tags. Deidara is teamed with Sasori, whom Deidara refers to as Sasori no Danna ("Master Sasori"). This is probably because Deidara has a lot of respect for his fellow artist and because Sasori is, as Deidara says himself, a lot stronger than him. But even though Deidara calls Sasori 'Sasori no Danna' he still argues a lot with Sasori. They often argue about what's art. Deidara thinks art is something that dissapears quickly. Sasori thinks art is something that lasts a long time.

During his fight with Gaara, his left arm is mangled by Gaara's Sabaku Kyū (The Coffin of Crushing Sand), but Deidara still managed to defeat Gaara. Also, Deidara lost his right arm to Hatake Kakashi when Kakashi used his newly obtained Mangekyō Sharingan against him. As a last resort (and keeping with his favorite art form), Deidara blew up one of his bunshin in an attempt to kill everyone else around him. However, his bunshin was teleported away from the scene by Kakashi.

Kibaku Nendo (Exploding Clay)
C3 no Bahuhatsu
Jibaku Bunshin (Suicide Bombing Clone)
C2 Doragon
C4 Karura
Unnamed suicide explosion
Kawarimi no jutsu
Clay Hoppers
Giant clay bird-
Clay spider
Clay Clone
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